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TTVN WebMeeting System Status


NOTE: Operational

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The servers responsible for managing WebMeeting recordings are spontaneously going offline; resulting in not being able to record.  Please call TTVN support if you are unable to record.  We do have a procedure to force these server back on line to allow recordings to occur.

The vendor has been alerted to this problem.  TTVN is waiting for a long-term repair solution from the vendor.


ISSUE:  -----------------
The latest Apple security update is causing operational issues for TTVN WebMeeting users.  Details to follow...

ISSUE:  -----------------
TTVN WebMeeting uses 'Java' which needs to be installed on your system.  Starting in September 2015, 'Java' is no longer supported by Google's Chrome browser.  For the foreseeable future, the 'Java' development team recommends using only 'Internet Explorer' or 'Safari' as your web browser.  Based on Java's recommendations, TTVN will only support 'Internet Explorer' or 'Safari' for your web browser while running WebMeeting.

ISSUE:  -----------------
The current release of 'Java' is not fully compliant with WebMeeting due to vendor development issues.  'Java' version 7 (any release) is recommended for error-free operation of WebMeeting.  An offline download of a functioning release of 'Java' can be obtained from TTVN Operations at (979) 862-2241.
(Note: The 'Java' download website no longer provides a functioning version of 'Java' for TTVN WebMeeting use.)

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Schedule Webinar NEXT Button Failure - This is a software bug that is being investigated by Saba.

**TTVN WebMeeting Temporary Workaround for Webinar Wizard Next Button Failure**

- To schedule the Webinar type of TTVN WebMeeting event, do not use the "Schedule webinar" link.

- Instead, use the "Schedule classroom" link and, in the "Session Options" section, change the event type from "Classroom" to "Webinar".